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Wow, Sunday again already? This week flew by. Not only was it the kids’ final week of summer hols, but Niek and I also took time off work to do up all the coolest family fun that we hadn’t managed to fit into the summer already. Over on Facebook, I tried to keep a daily tab on what we were doing (mainly so I could remember – nothing like a whirlwind of activity to scatter my mind!). We enjoyed time with my Daddy at his summer place, had my aunties and mom over here for a gala barbecue and picnic, went to the Blue Hill Fair, put in a day at the water fun park, and had a stay-at-home games day to touch on a few highlights. Nicky and Arden got bunkbeds (now why haven’t I gotten a picture of that – there’s nothing cuter than brothers and bunkbeds, is there?), I got a new computer (yay!), everyone got the remainder of their school clothes and supplies, Jim celebrated his birthday (sadly, he’s in Arizona),  and no one got a sunburn. LOL. I don’t have too many pictures to share because I managed to forget my camera nearly every time we went out, but here are a few.

The kids posing for a birthday picture greeting to Jim. You’ll notice Max is holding a yard stick … when Jim got home from his (chaotic) visit with us in June, he said he thought he wasn’t standing up straight when comparing his height to Max’s and that he’s pretty sure he’s actually taller. Max is ready for the re-match. ;)


Here are the kids enjoying the sort of coastal food that makes this part of Maine famous, and rightfully so.

steamers and mussels

steamers and mussels

Rowen means business when it comes to lobster

Rowen means business when it comes to lobster

Arden finds his dad's method of eating corn to be funny

Arden finds his dad’s method of eating corn to be funny

what can I say - they're disgusting!

what can I say – they’re disgusting!


We enjoyed the Blue Hill fair tremendously, but I forgot my camera. One of those forehead-slapping moments when I can’t help but wonder if senility has laid down its first tentacles. However, I did get a great photobomb picture of Ro and Nick the following day:

who thinks he's cool?

who thinks he’s cool?

And we had a blast at the water park. Arden, initially too frightened to even venture into the water, wound up going down the slide by himself three times before calling it a day and working on a 300 piece puzzle he’d brought along. Nick and Rowen stayed in nearly till the closing bell.

a day at the water park

a day at the water park

Although there aren’t a lot of pictures to look back on, we’ve ended the week with smiles on our faces and happy memories in our hearts. I hope your Labor Day weekend has been spent in the company of people you love doing the things that you feel are important!


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14 responses to “new news

  • terra

    Oh my goodness! You guys look like a barrel of fun. Glad to see so many smiles on all of your faces and that you’ve made time for making so many memories!

  • Dianne

    Sounds like a blast. I ‘think’ you need a cell phone with a camera. Just roll that around in your noggin a bit. I mainly use mine for that purpose most of the time and it’s always in my purse. I bring my digital on big trips, but it’s the cell camera that saves the day. I can also can make little videos.
    Thanks for blogging again!

    • Barbara

      I am resisting all pressure to get a cell phone, Dianne. I had one for a brief period at the end of my pregnancy with Arden, for health reasons, but have otherwise been happily without. I just need to remember my camera! ;)

  • ruthsplace

    Looks like a fabulous summer.

  • Brigitte

    Such a lot of summer fun packed into a week. Must have been a fantastic week for the whole family.

  • Karoline

    Great to hear from you again & that you’ve had a lovely summer

  • Vickie

    The pictures you do have are great. Our boys are 17 and almost 19 and they still sleep in bunk beds.

  • Margaret

    Looks like a fun, busy week of family doings. So great!

  • Jennifer Fritzen

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – adopt me. :-) It looks like it was a pretty wonderful summer in Maine. (Also, Ro is a girl after my own heart when it comes to lobster)

    And if you won’t get a cellphone (mine has become my primary camera most of the time), invest in a little point and shoot to keep in your bag. I picked up a small nikon coolpix to keep in the diaper bag when Nick was born. I knew we’d always have the diaper bag with us, and therefore, a camera. I also recommend picking up 2 inexpensive spare batteries to stash along with it.

  • Jennifer

    What beautiful, happy, sunny photo. You always inspire me on my “down” days. THANKS!!!

  • Felicity

    The kids have grown up so much since my last visit. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  • Carol

    Such fun family times–a great way to wind down your summer, Barbara. Love Rowen’s photobomb shot :) I wish each of the kids a great school year!

  • Jeanne

    Great photos Barb, the kids are growing up so fast! WIsh we could slow down time. Congratulations on your move to a new home!! I hope life gets back into a routine for you soon, I can’t imagine having much time for stitching with a growing family of humans and animals! I don’t know how you do it, I’m having trouble just keeping up with my house, husband and job. Have a great autumn!

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