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Okay, so I’m not stitching at the moment but I didn’t want to let that get in my way of saying hello to everyone. :)

The past week has been one of those weeks that when you reach the end of it, you just take a deep breath and feel grateful to have made it to the other side. No ill health or losses like that, thank heavens, but some state-level budget restructuring that makes me deeply troubled … and facing unemployment. Our governor has decided to throw mental health and education under the wheels of the bus in his ongoing attempt to balance the budget. The district I live in has been especially hard hit – our entire department was wiped out – with more punishing blows anticipated. I have already put in for another job and it tentatively looks good, but I am very, very sad to see such a dedicated and talented group of crisis workers broken up.

On the bright side, Mary Margaret’s twins are doing so well and growing so much that I purchased a new-to-me larger cage (we call it a bunny apartment) for them. Max set it up for me today (do not trust me with illustrated instructions and tiny parts!) and the family is enjoying their new digs. Arthur likes having the love of his life nearer by. ;)

bunny kisses

bunny kisses

Silverjacket and Maybellene are still inside. Winter storm/blizzard Nemo has given them an extra few days on the sun porch. I love how the kids have been enjoying and interacting with the animals during this period, and I’m deeply appreciative of the kids’ friends who are also enjoying it. We had one negative encounter when a friend of Rowen’s was denied permission to come visit due to the fact that we had a goat in the house, but other parents have been understanding and supportive and have even thanked me for being the crazy parent so their kids can enjoy the experience without having the muss & fuss at their own home. LOL!

arden and the ladies

Speaking of friends, Rowen celebrated her 9th birthday this week and had two of her best friends over for a slumber party. It was a lot of fun, and I’m glad that my kids have such great taste in their friends. :D

making that wish come true

making that wish come true

birthday party snowstorm 001

As mentioned, we did enjoy some extra attention from Mother Nature this weekend in the guise of a blizzard. Here at home, we feel like the last big storm actually dumped more snow, but Nemo was wild with winds approaching 50 mph that made the world look like a snowglobe in the hands of an unusually energetic two-year old. I had the dubious pleasure of walking in to work on Saturday morning against a headwind so strong that it seemed to take me three steps before I could progress even one. But I do love to see Mother Nature in her glory! Here is a picture of the tail end of the storm Saturday evening, and a few pictures taken as the sun set  tonight.

birthday party snowstorm 003

post Nemo collage


Wishing you well, and I thank you kindly for visiting even if there are no stitching pictures to share. :)

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21 responses to “nary a thread to be found

  • Faye Riggsbee

    Budget cuts…. Don’t you just love them? 3 yrs ago our states education system went through a msjor overhaul… Many holding their breathe fir a very long time… Mental health agencies were definitely hit the hardest.. So sad… I’ll cross my fingers that your new job prospect comes through for you… It’s still been 5 years with no raise for us educators… Just thankful to have the salary we do… Here’s to you landing on your feet! Faye

  • Margaret

    Sounds like you’ve been busy as usual. Love the new bunny home. I’m sorry to hear about the budget cuts and your possible job loss. I hope you are successful in applying for another position. Happy belated birthday to Rowen!

  • Dianne

    Wow, you got pounded with snow! I can’t believe Rowen is 9 already!
    The bunnies are really cute, especially the babies. And the goats don’t know how lucky they have it-or do they? ;)
    Good luck on the job front too.

  • Melissa

    Awww Barbara, I am sending you a big hug! I am sorry to hear about the budget cuts, not just about your job but the whole approach that governments have taken to doing these cuts. Anyway, I hope something better will come along soon for you.

    The bunnies are looking cute, almost as cute as the kids. Oh wait, I can’t say kids at your house right? I have to say “children” else they might be construed as the four legged variety!

    Take care!

  • Catherine

    I would be one of those parents thanking you ~ and my boys would be at your house a lot!!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  • Leena

    Hi Barbara,

    I just enjoyed reading through your post with a cup of tea. It’s early Monday morning and it’s getting lighter slowly.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your job and all the budget cuts, it seems that it’s the same everywhere. I hope you’ll find another job you enjoy.

    Thanks so much for sharing all these photos and stories about your lovely family and farm, I enjoy them very, very much!

    Have a wonderful new week!

  • beadlework

    I hope things work out for you with your job, it’s very hard at the moment over here as well. The baby bunnies are beautiful, I love seeing all your animal photos.

  • Bertie

    Love the pictures, reminds me of my young days in a large family, fabulous.

  • P.J.

    It is easy to see that your animals are part of the family. They are very lucky. The twins are adorable. Now that the blizzard is over, hope you make through the budget cut storm. Happy Birthday to Rowen.

  • Cherie Bryant

    I need to bring Jordyn over to visit the animals! Love the pictures…

  • Grandpa Jim

    How nice to see photos of the Grand Ones. Is that a Starfish birthday cake? It looks neat.

  • Carol

    Oh, Barbara, I do hope things work out for you and your co-workers on the job front. We know all about budget cuts in libraries… Ours chose not to let any employees go, but the book budget really took a cut. And then there is the hiring freeze, which is not fun…

    Glad to see all the animal photos–especially the bunnies. Your children will grow up with so much kindness and compassion after helping care for and raise your animal friends through the years :)

    Happy 9th Birthday to Miss Rowen–my she’s getting grown up :)

  • MarieP

    I hope that your job is secure. It is dreadful when one faces possible unemployment.

    Goats in the house? That’s the best! :D I love to see your critter pics, they are all so very cute.

    Happy birthday to Rowen!

    Here in VT we were spared the huge Nemo snowfall. I was on the ski slopes on Saturday and boy was it windy…actually frightening on the swaying chair lift.

  • anneke

    that’s okay, I like pictures of kids and pets too. :-)
    happy belated birthday to Rowen!!
    I was curious about all of you last weekend when we saw horror stories in our Journaals. I’m glad you all are okay.

  • Dona

    Barbara, I’m sorry to hear about the budget cuts. Good luck to you! I see so much of those type of cuts lately.

    Great pictures!

  • Patti

    So sorry to hear you are a victim of our esteemed guv’s plan to “fix” our state economy. It just seems its always the most at need areas that get trampled but I honestly don’t know what will fix our mess. Maybe we all need to drink more so the liquor revenue goes up so we can balance our budget – drink more right? LOL If you can afford it….

  • Brigitte

    Glad to hear that the storm didn’t affect your region with more devastation. But so sorry about the budget cuts which always seem to affect the ones that can’t help themselves first. Same story here. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you getting a job anyway.

  • Siobhan

    Budget cuts–oh my. Living in troubled Ireland has given me new understanding of just how brutal governments can be trying to shore things up and make up for past mistakes. It’s always the people who need the help the most that seem to get it in the neck. :( Good luck to you!

    Happy birthday to Rowen!

  • Karoline

    Ouch, hope the budget cuts aren’t too brutal.

    Happy Birthday to Rowen

  • Sue

    Wonderful pictures, so loved seeing all the animals, I’ll bet the baby bunnies are so fun to pick up and snuggle. Sorry to hear about the budget cuts and all, sounds like this year is going to be a little more interesting to a lot of people than would be wanted. Hope you find something, and something you enjoy, soon.

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