do I still stitch, or just buy stash?

That’s what I’ve been wondering. Or maybe I’m just a farmer who collects cross stitch patterns? On the phone with my father last night, he mentioned that it’s been some time since I updated my blog. True, I agreed. With this snap of incredibly cold weather, my free time has been taken up hauling water to the barn and keeping the livestock as comfortable as possible. By the time the kids are in bed, my normal time to pull out linen and needle, I’m just beat. Niek and I will watch an episode of something on Netflix (lately it’s beenĀ Annika Bengtzon) and then I tumble off to bed. Terribly fascinating life, huh? ;)

The animals have needed and appreciated the extra attention, though, with nearly a week of temps that were considered ‘high’ if they topped the zero marker on the thermometer.

breakfast in barn - like breakfast in bed, but different

breakfast in barn – like breakfast in bed, but different

And Mary Margaret has enjoyed a comfortable and lavish laying-in following her delivery of two big baby bunnies earlier last week.

four days old today

four days old today

And Silverjacket has loved lots of playtime with her human-shaped goatie friends.

can I have a playdate, mama?

can I have a playdate, mama?

I even managed to get the Christmas tree down and out, and Max cleaned the living room up to the point I scarcely recognize it.

living room

But of stitching, there has been very little done. I stitched up this wee rooster for a Valentine’s surprise for Niek.

from Scandinavian Stitches

from Scandinavian Stitches

And recent ebay wins of a couple of wabbit charts by Sheepish Designs has made me wonder if I should get to work on those for an Easter basket surprise for the family.

next up?

next up?

So really, as you can see, not much to build a blog post around. Life is quiet for a moment, and I’m enjoying it. ;)

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24 responses to “do I still stitch, or just buy stash?

  • Hazel

    It’s good to hear from you. I’d be interested in what stash you’ve been buying ;)

  • Catherine

    We all go through those busy times! It’s always fun to see what you have been up to ~ stitching or otherwise!

  • Lee

    Oh Barbara, we all have those moments when we wonder if we are still stitchers. All it takes is threading up a needle from time to time and we can still lay claim to the title!

  • Margaret

    Stitching or stashing, what is important is that you’re enjoying! Love your wee rooster finish — very nice! And the babies!!!! Wow! So cute and tiny and adorable!

  • Annie

    How do you ever find time to stitch anyway with that menagerie around (or two menageries if I include both the farm animals and the human one). Buying and playing with stash is a fun activity in and of itself. Your little rooster is quite cute though, I must say.

  • riona

    I am sure when you build your own farmstead, you will make sure the barn has water piped in. For now you are working with what you’ve got. It’s just unfortunate that what you’ve got is an early 19th century barn. Good luck with the weather, winter can’t last forever. Though, down here in the NYC burbs, winter can’t seem to make up its mind as to whether it is coming or going. A few days ago: single digit temps with wind chills below freezing. Today: temps in the low 20s, snow and ice and wintry mix predicted through 1am tomorrow. Tomorrow: predictions are for partly cloudy skies and a temp of 50 F. Flus, noroviruses, and just plain old colds rule down here as we try to adjust to the mad temperature swings. I’d rather it just get cold and stay cold till spring. At least then I would know what to wear.

    • Barbara

      Actually, piping water in would mean the barn needs to be heated – the pipes would freeze otherwise. And heating the barn just isn’t going to happen. So I will continue to lug water, LOL. It will make me strong! ;0

  • Bertie

    Love your animals!! The heart is fabulous too, in tme for Easter! Collecting stash is cool;))

  • Vickie

    Squee!!!!!! Those baby bunnies are ADORABLE!!

  • Dee

    Oh my gosh … could that little grey goat BE any cuter????

  • Terri

    What wonderful animals! The baby bunnies are so little (even though they’re big) and the goats and chickens and ducks, oh my! Sweet present for Niek!

  • anneke

    Did you hear we’ll have a new king by April 30th? I’m watching all kinds of TV shows now, I missed the statement the Queen made earlier this evening :-)

  • grandpa jim

    Enjoyed reading your Blog. Thanks for sharing bits of your life.

  • Melissa

    Awww, look at those little baby bunnies! I’ve never seen them IRL so to speak. This is the closest thing!

    No wonder you don’t have time to stitch. I do like what you made for Niek though, very sweet!

    I know exactly what you mean. Last year when I was working so much, I did buy stash to make me feel like I am still a stitcher. Surprisingly I didn’t buy as much as I’d expected. I had the $$ but no time to stitch. However, buying a little can be good fun!

    Take care!

  • mary

    Great animal pics! The little bunnies are too cute!
    Quiet can be good…enjoy it!

  • Siobhan

    That little goat is adorable! I think things sound busy and fun and good, and that’s what matters. Stitching will always be there, the main thing is that you enjoy what you’re doing. :)

  • Carol

    You know, Barbara–I actually gave up stitching ENTIRELY for a period of almost 10 years when my kids were at their busiest, we were remodeling our house, and I returned to work. It wasn’t until 2003 when I made something to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary that I re-discovered stitching! So, I am amazed that you’re managing ANY stitching at all with the kids, your job, and all of your animals and pets!!

    Love the shot of the baby bunnie–please do keep the photos coming as they grow!!

  • Giovanna

    The new bunnies are so sweet :-) I don’t think you should stress too much about how much stitching you do – I just take any stitching time I get as my de-stressing time, and I’m thankful for that; and if I’m too tired or don’t feel like it, well then it just isn’t meant to be, and I would probably get my threads all tangled or have to frog a lot if I forced myself to stitch anyway.

    Yeah, new king: my Dutch DH shot out of a room to meet me with the news as soon as I got home yesterday. His mum had called from Holland to tell him that a “toespraak van de Koningin” had been announced :-)

  • Lillie

    Collecting stash is therapeutic! LOL. Loved the look of that baby goat and the new born bunnies are adorably cute.

  • Dianne

    The bunnies are sooooo snuggly! Definitely do the bunny heart for Easter!
    Enjoy Max doing stuff now as when he gets a little older it will be all about the friends and girls. I remember Sean use to vacuum for me back in the day.

  • Brigitte

    A farmer who collects cross stitch patterns, why not? Everything sounds good to me as long as it has something to do with stitching, lol. And those Wabbit charts are so pretty, always worth collecting.

  • Patti

    Hang in there, spring is coming! I hope you will be able to post more as we miss you.

  • Karoline

    Glad to hear you’re all doing well, the baby bunnies are very cute

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