where have I been – what have I been doing

– and how are those New Year’s Resolutions coming along? ;)

I had fully intended to blog on New Year’s Day after I got out of work, but I was whooped. Beat. Utterly exhuasted. I did put in a couple of stitches, however because I was going to duplicate last year’s WIP Challenge, working on a WIP every day for the first 15 days of the New Year. But then I got called in to work a few more times and … well, here’s where The Flood is currently stuck.

the flood nonprogress


About the closest I’ve come to stitching since New Year’s Day is fonding the end-of-year stash that’s arrived in the mail. I tried to get a picture of it for you, but … someone else decided it was all about him.

stash cat


it's all about me


To be fair, Spin may have a legitimate reason for honing in on any attention that can be gotten. See, we received a bit of a New Year’s surprise on the third of the month – Maybellene surprised us with a baby girl, a purbred Myotonic (fainting) goat.

Maybellene surprised us


The weather has been so bitterly cold – in the single digits – that we had to bring the girls in to avoid losing the baby. Even so, it was a little iffy until Niek managed to get the baby doe nursing from the mama. (He also bravely carried Mama Maybellene in from the barn, though thigh-high snow.) To honor his efforts, I asked him to name the baby and he finally settled on Silverjacket. I love it – it sounds like a princess from a fairy tale. :)

baby fainter Collage


Today I thought it might be nice if Silverjacket and Maybellene could make the acquaintance of their neighbor, Arthur, who has a small 2nd floor apartment in their “inside barn”. Maybellene was not fully convinced that Arthur was a suitable playmate for her precious daughter so any future playdates will have to be supervised. ;)

Arthur and Maybellene


Arthur was totally cool about everything, as always.

regal Arthur


So in closing, it might be easier to say what I haven’t been doing. I haven’t been stitching, as we’ve seen. Although I have taken down the cards and the Advent Tree, the Christmas tree is still standing and is fully decked out:

stilldecorated tree

But it’s so hard to put all the beautiful ornaments away for a whole year! I also have not been cleaning. Sigh … I used to be such an amazing housekeeper. Spotless. I would actually polish the individual leaves of all my houseplants once a week. Seriously! I guess the anti-pod-people got me or something. :P

unkempt house


I have finished my first book of the year – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – and had the strange experience of actually wanting a book to be finished before it was. I liked the novel up until the second part and then … eh. I’ve also read The Peregrine Pact by A.J. Hartley with Nick and Rowen and found that to be a good bit of fun and well-written. It’s geared more to a tween audience, but the kids were able to follow along without problem and were only scared witless by one chapter (The Jenkinses, for those who’ve read it, LOL). I have made quite excellent progress with my January resolution, which is to go through and sort/discard/label all the old photos I’ve inherited from … well, everyone, seemingly. Five large boxes and a drawerful have been reduced to one small box of labelled photos and one envelope full of photos that I need help in labeling. Yay, me! Now to get them in a proper book so the kids can enjoy learning about their foremothers and forefathers!

Thanks so much for visiting! If your New Year is as overfull and busy as mine seems, I do hope that all your tasks bring you some level of joy and fulfillment! Best wishes for 2013!


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24 responses to “where have I been – what have I been doing

  • beadlework

    I do enjoy seeing your animals photos, they must keep you really busy.

  • Glenna

    Silver jacket does not look very smart, but she does look pretty. Such is the way with supermodels. Arthur, on the other hand, looks both smart and handsome, with his very expressive ears.

  • Giovanna

    Love your progress on the flood, and well done on the new stash. Hope you’ll have a chance to rest a bit…

  • Anna

    My house plants want you to come visit. Seriously. They’re taking up a collection for your plane fare. (And it’s currently 46′. Don’t think we’ve even dipped into the teens during the day here.)

  • Marsha

    I was a great housekeeper too until I had my third child and then I sort of gave up being great and settled for ok. Third child is married 7 years and I still am just an ok housekeeper but I don’t care anymore. I’d rather stitch instead.

  • Pat Wood

    Silverjacket is just so adorable. What a great way to start the new year, with a new baby.
    I understand about the housekeeping, I think we just get to a point where as long as everybody is healthy and happy – so be it. Like my mom has always said: if you’re coming to see ME, come anytime. If you’re coming to see the HOUSE, make an appointment!
    Her other saying is: my house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.
    Have a wonderful new year!

  • Annie

    I love that you aren’t the perfect housekeeper anymore. I sometimes can’t bear how perfect you are!

    Felt the same way about Gone Girl as you did. Not an uncommon problem with many books … author runs out of steam or ideas, but has to finish a certain number of pages.

    Love the pretty animal photos. Still so weird to me to have farm animals in the back yard!

  • anneke

    It’s great to hear/read from you all in cold Maine. What a ‘great’ suprise: a silverjacket added to the lifestock. It’s impossible to keep the house spotless in these circumstances (I can’t even keep it clean without pets, but I won’t mention that)…

  • mary

    The Flood looks great, and I like the new charts. Silverjacket is a very appropriate name and she is cute as a button! Hope you find a few moments to sit, rest, stitch and enjoy yourself!

  • Mary Ann

    Nice progress on The Flood, and I love your new stash! Silverjacket is a cute little thing, and the name is perfect!!

  • Grandpa Jim

    That is one cute goat! I have taken your lead in sorting and destroying old papers and such which no longer have meaning.

  • Patti

    OMG is there anything cuter than a brand new baby goat? I think not. Silverjacket is such a great name and Kudos to farmer Niek who seems to be acclimating to the life of a farmer a bit more.

    Any chance you could get together soon?

  • Margaret

    Congratulations on the new addition to the family. What a sweetie.

  • P.J.

    What a wonderful miracle in the new year. Congrats to Maybellene! What a beautiful baby. Hope things settle down for a bit for you soon, until then you get enjoy that beautiful tree a bit longer, keeping spirits bright. Stay warm.

  • Siobhan

    Phew. I’m so glad that the anti-pod people finally did an intervention. Polishing your plant leaves??? My plants are lucky when I remember to water them weekly, though thankfully I seem to have struck on enough varieties that thrive on neglect. Or survive despite it. ;) My mother’s comment about housekeeping was always, “I have four kids, my house is not clean.”. What a sweet little baby doe!! Love your The Flood WIP! Happy new year to you and yours!

  • Carol

    Oh, I LOVE your tiny goat–how sweet! Your kids must really love your menagerie, Barbara, and being around and caring for animals is such a great way to develop that caring and compassionate way that is so important in life :)

  • Margaret

    Glad the new arrival survived the cold and is safe with her mommy. Sorry Arthur isn’t welcome though. Hope you get some time to stitch.

  • Dianne

    Silverjacket is so sweet! Glad she is alright.
    Great what you are doing with the photos. Dare you scan them too?

  • Conny

    Hi Barbara,

    Wish you and your family all the best for 2013! Did you received my mail from 13 of December?

  • Heidi

    Seems almost spring instead of summer seeing all those animals and hearing of baby goats. :-)


  • Dona

    Congratulations on your newest arrival – it’s so sweet!

    Nice new stash, too! Your Spin reminds me of my Miss Kitty, who also thinks it’s all about her!

  • Sue

    Silverjacket is adorable, what a cutie. So glad she seems to be doing well. Great stash too, Santa on the reindeer looks like it will be fun stitch.

  • MarieP

    I want to come to your house and play with all those adorable critters! How fun!!!

    Your cat is too cute stomping on your stash.

    When do you even find time to read!

  • Parsley

    Fun how our furbabies help us stitch.

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