slow it down

Yikes, this month is flying! But what fun it’s all been so far. :)

We celebrated Sinterklaas on the fifth and the gifts were all so unique – the kids put more effort into it than I’d expected and I was extremely glad to get this celebration back on track in our family. It’s a bit of a toss-up as to who loved their gift most: Arden received a school bus package with an Etch a Sketch from Max and Rowen received a giant rabbit package from Niek that contained candy.

Arden enjoys his gift from Max

Ro enjoys her bunny from Niek

I was pretty pleased with my hat from Arden (with some assistance from Niek) with a poem from Arden Himself about my need to “keep my brain dry from the rain” and which sported a nifty pair of new barn gloves. :)

I enjoy my hat from ARden

The poem Max wrote to accompany Arden’s gift was a little longer, as you can see here:

Max and the Poem

Less pleased was Nicky with his Timelord homework folder. He said he’d wished his Dad had gotten his name :(

timelord homework folder

My stitches came out on the 4th and although the Doc reluctantly agreed that my career as a hand model is over, I’m just glad to have use of the hand back again. Niek cut himself last night while chopping cauliflower, but thankfully it was more of a normal cut – painful, but not too deep.

I did some framing this week for Christmas gifts and got them sent off. I’m dying to share pictures, but of course I can’t. My skills as a framer will never put anyone out of business, but they were all done with love. I’ve since stitched two small ornaments that I need to finish-finish. The teeny one is a freebie from Nikyscreations (slightly re-worked in my interpretation) and the other is from Pineberry Lane.

Noel freebie Nikyscreations

Pineberry Lane PeaceOnEarth

We don’t decorate until after the Sinterklaas celebrations, but I did put out the lovely Advent tree that Sara made for us – isn’t it stunning? Obviously, I took the picture back on the 5th when I had the camera out. And those utterly adorable snowmen are handmade by Annie – aren’t they adorable? Watch out for her TDIPT Mercantile listings!

early christmas decos

And to remember that we need to take time to relax during these busy but wonderful days, Flip and Twist once again wisely demonstrate how to enjoy some down time.

couch kitties

Thanks for visiting! Your comments and visits are always a joy!

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21 responses to “slow it down

  • Margaret

    It seems to me your kids look older every time I see them. lol! They’re growing up so fast! Glad you are enjoying the Christmas season. Good that those stitches are out now too. Ouch!

  • coralmcrae

    Wow! Max has grown up!

    You all look like you had a great time. I love your hat, Barbara. Did Niek get anything?

  • Melissa

    As always, it’s lovely to see and read your post, Barbara! I had to smile with some sympathy at Nick’s view of his present – we Moms are so practical! The presents all look lovely.

    I am glad to hear that your hand is back to working order at least! Enjoy your holiday season!

  • anneke

    How nice you keep celebrating Sinterklaas! And the kids put so much effort in it, even without stimulation from the outside world. It’s great to see your ‘surprises’. Are the poems in Dutch or in Englisch nowadays??
    Love to see the kids. I can tell Max isn’t that much in your pictures, he’s grown up!!

  • Jenna

    I’m glad that your stitches are out and you have full use of your hand again. I bet Niek is, too. ;) It looks like you and your family enjoyed a wonderful Sinterklaas. Tell Nicky that if he does like that homework folder, there are plenty of us out here that do! :D

  • Annie

    Looks like such a fun occasion. Glad to hear that your wound is healing nicely. And nobody wants a drenched brain so you are safe!

  • Ruth

    Looks like a lovely celebration. Sorry the stitching didn’t fly with Nicky.

  • Glenna

    What fun–your photos show such a happy bunch. And I’m glad your hand is better!

  • rainss61

    Oh Barbara love ur hat and so glad u are able to keep your brain dry- very important!! Love your tradition and the gifts are wonderful! I missed totally about your hand- but glad now that its better!! Enjoy your Christmas season!!
    Rain :)

  • Siobhan

    What a fun gift exchange! I’m glad that your hand is healing nicely!

  • Giovanna

    Glad you enjoyed Sinterklaas, and that your stitches are gone (it took me a second or so to realize “which stitches?” when I read that sentence, haha – I started thinking of frogging… well, it was “frogging” I suppose…). Your ornaments are lovely.

  • Carol

    You have the most creative family, Barbara–what great gifts!! Sorry Nicky felt a bit let down with his :)

    Glad your hand has healed–I’m still recovering from seeing that photo of it!! Enjoy your busy, busy countdown to Christmas with your lovely family!

  • Dianne

    That looked like fun! Ahhh…Nick should always show gratitude for gifts-I thought it was a neat folder, but it must have been the ‘homework’ part he didn’t like.
    Glad you hand is better-be careful!

  • Catherine

    What fun!! Love your stitching too ~ and glad your hand is healing well for you.

  • Sue

    So glad that your hand has healed up well, what a scare, and it seems like with where it was it would constantly be pulling the skin so harder to heal. Loved seeing all the gifts you made for each other, very creative. This will be an exchange to remember. Lovely stitching, and the advent tree looks so cute, can’t wait to see more of the ornaments that go on it.

  • Dona

    It looks like everyone was having fun! I enjoyed the pictures. Your Christmas finishes are very cute! Your furbabies sure look comfortable and warm.

  • Karoline

    Everyone got very creative with their presents, your finishes are lovely

  • Brigitte

    Oh my, all those lovely gifts that were made and received. It’s a nice tradition to give gifts on Sinterclaas. We do that, too, when we celebrate Nikolaus (might be the same person) on the 6th, but usually it’s only the children that get gifts.

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