It’s really been quite the week! We had our second bit of snow – but really, this seemed like the first snowfall of the year because the other one just took me completely by surprise. This was little more than a dusting, but it was beautiful and put me in more of a mood to enjoy our winter weather. I was especially looking forward to seeing the baby ducklings out there in snow – ducks are an absolute riot in snow! – but there wasn’t enough for them to really notice that it was any different from a heavy frost. The goats escaped that same day, though, which was a lot more exciting. No pictures – sorry! – we were too busy trying to catch them, LOL. But in case you’ve been yearning for a bit of bucolic beauty, here are some other recent farm pictures. ;)

water fight

i feel good enough to climb this tree

I guess the biggest excitement of all came as a result of trying to do some housework. Housework is dangerous and really should be avoided! I cut my hand on a chipped glass badly enough to require stitches. I went all woozy in the knees when I looked at the cut and realized I was looking inside my hand. Ugh. Blood doesn’t bother me, but I have no desire to see my insides. It started healing up very well, though – here it is after only a day:

wounded hand 002

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I popped a stitch on the 5th day (for the record, I was trying to catch an escaped goat). Note that it is difficult to take a decent photo of your right hand using your left hand, when you’re right-handed. ;)

wounded hand dy6

Trying to do anything has been a challenge, as I’m right-handed and the wound is in a spot that seems to affect any motions I make with my hand. I couldn’t cross stitch at all the first two days (not that that stopped me from trying), but then everything just seemed to limber up and the silly thing stopped bleeding every time I accidentally over-stretched it, so I was able to finish Hope 1727  by Chartmakers and I immediately began Faith 1708, the last one in this series. These pictures don’t please me. My new camera and I do not get along that well when it comes to taking photos of cross stitch projects. :P It’s a sweet little piece IRL and the 40 count linen (Vintage Pear by Lakeside Linen) has not been at all difficult to stitch on.

Hope by Chartmakers 001

I put the last stitches into Faith last night. I changed this up a little because the dates just didn’t work for me. I’m always a bit puzzled over why we seem to think a design is improved by throwing in a random long-ago date. Here, I gently tweaked the blue “thing” in the upper left corner hoping to make it look a little more like some kind of bad weather, and added a sun. As in ‘faith brings sunlight after storms’ or something along those lines.

Chartmakers Faith

(Oh my heavens, those pictures look so crooked – you’ll have to trust me that they are stitched straight, LOL!)

I have a few Christmas projects yet to do, both stitching and finishing, but my big start for 2013 has already been decided upon: The Flood by Plum Street Samplers using the NPI silks on 34 count Legacy Linen. I used this linen (in a different color) when I stitched a CHS sampler as a wedding gift for Niek’s youngest brother, shown here,  and I’ve longed for a legitimate ‘excuse’ to use it ever since.


So what’s my justification? Well, we are (fingers and toes crossed) moving to a house of our own in the spring and Arden will finally have a real room of his own, which I am decking out in a Noah’s Ark theme. I’m so freaking excited it’s ridiculous. But all the other kids had special rooms when they were little – Rowen and Nicky’s was the best, decorated in custom wallpaper by Niek and his brothers as a surprise – and it’s bugged me that Arden has been stuck in a bright pink bedroom that is actually more of an alcove off our bedroom. So … a justified excuse for that sumptuous linen and those scrumptious silks. ;) More finger-crossing is requested from you in that this purchase goes though – as always, nothing is as straight-forward as expected and we are running into some little bumps in the road.

So what have I been doing when not stitching ,being stitched, or popping stitches? I’ve been hanging with the kids. Rowen’s been training her hamster, Peanut, to go through some mazes. My friend Joanna, who is an amazing teacher down in Florida, suggested Ro polish Peanut’s performance up for a classroom display of his prowess, and that has consumed all our free time this weekend. ;) The mazes began as fairly simple constructions, becoming ever more elaborate, and they are now busy with a top-secret version for school:

Hamster Training Rowen

Peanut and Rowen have a great cheering section, too. (Can you pick out which one is not a morning person? LOL!)

cute boys Collage


Thank you for visiting! Your companionship and comments always bring a smile to my face. :)


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18 responses to “ohmygosh

  • Annie

    Never a dull moment at your house, as usual! I love how you manage to get around that hurt hand.. .what a trooper. I hope those animals appreciate it. And photos of chasing after escaped goats would have really been good!

    Beautiful stitching. I’m sure you’ll figure out how to fine tune the new camera. You figure out everything else!

    A real circus hamster in the making! Cool.

    Fingers crossed that the house deal works out.

  • Margaret

    Oh my gosh! Oh that cut! I so know what you are saying about not wanting to see your insides! Ugh! I hope it heals well — bummer about popping that stitch. Love your stitching — both are gorgeous, as is the wedding sampler you made for Niek’s brother. Hope the purchase of Arden’s special piece’s linen and silks goes through — and I really hope the house deal works out for you so Arden can have his special room. So neat that your children have all had one! So fun about Rowen’s hamster!

  • Rachel

    Thank you for sharing so many great pictures! I love those ducks!

    I LOVE the idea of a Noah’s Ark theme. The Flood will be perfect! It’s such a beautiful sampler. It makes me want to pull out my And They Sinned.

    I hope your hand is healing up quickly!

  • Mary Ann

    I love reading the goings-on at your house!! It reminds me of the fun and busy times when my 4 were youngsters! And, OOOH, your hand(my hand is hurting now.lol)– I hope it heals quickly!!

    Your stitching is beautiful–as always, and I hope the house purchase works out!

  • Dianne

    Omgosh, that hand gave me the shivers! I’m sorry that happened. Makes you want to use paper cups from now on (don’t goats eat paper?) ; )
    I’m excited for your impending new home! That’s wonderful. It won’t be too long now.
    Cute shots!

  • Siobhan

    Your hand–Jiminy Crickets!!! That looks PAINFUL. I hope it heals quickly. Yikes. I’m crossing my fingers and toes for you that all works out well with the house. The Flood would be magnificent for Arden’s room!

  • Anna

    Good luck on your house purchase! I popped stitches on a mole that was removed from my boob. I now have The.Worst.Scar.Ever. (Seriously. It shows in a bathing suit, and my father has offered to pay for plastic surgery.) Do consider a doctor’s visit because it will take longer to heal.

  • ruthsplace

    Good luck with the house purchase. The hand looks sore :( Love the stitching and Rowen’s mazes look great.

  • anneke

    yikes, your hand!! Last year I had a similar wound, a little bit more to the left :-) and also with a visit to the hospital. But the glued it. And it was in my left hand. So I win on points :-)
    I hope it’s healing well.
    The kids and animals look happy, so they aren’t suffering from your handwound.

  • Giovanna

    Yikes, that’s one evil-looking wound! I hope it heals quickly. Best of luck with the house. Love all your stitching, and hey, you might even see me stitching The Flood soon (been wanting to cut the linen for it for the past month or so… hasn’t happened yet, sigh…)

  • Catherine

    Ouch! I hope your hand is healing nicely!
    Congrats on the house!! I love the idea of the Noah’s Ark theme! I have a folder full of Ark patterns, if you need more than one, let me know!

  • Carol

    OK, OK, I’ve calmed down now enough to comment…ACK–your cut!! I cannot deal with the sight of any sort of blood and I was eating dinner as I saw the photos, Barbara… Oh my–I hope you it heals soon. I am really weak in the knees at the mere thought of blood (would you believe my dad was a surgeon!! I obviously didn’t inherit his genes :)

    I’m so excited that you may be moving to a house of your very own–keeping my fingers crossed that all works out…

    Love the maze that Rowen has created!!

  • Heidi

    That made me go all woozie in my tummy. Yuck! I hope it is much better by now.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Sinterklaas celebration tonight! There are snow flurries spitting around in the dark night sky here so it is going to be a special evening. :-)


  • Grandpa Jim

    Did I tell you how a camp spot in the California desert got the name, Oh my Gosh? One night an RV’er was coming down the mountain toward the Salton Sea and he saw some lights out in the desert. Deciding that it must be fellow RV’ers he drove in parked, went to bed. In the morning he looked out the window and said, “Oh MY GOSH! He had parked in the middle of a nudist colony.

  • Valerie

    Ouch! Your cut looks painful! I hope it’s mending nicely! Good luck with the new house search. It’s something I need to start too but it’s so daunting! Hope all goes well with Sinterklaus. Your stitched smalls look great!

  • Sharon Green Long

    Hi Barbara! Wishing you guys the best as you pursue your new home. I will keep everything crossed and say a prayer too! I hope your hand heals quickly. Love your finished pieces-very pretty. I can’t wait to see you start The Flood-it’s such a magnificent piece.

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