staying warm


Despite our best attempts at denial, it would seem that Winter is settling in anyway. This morning it was 19 when I got up, which is -7 for my friends who use a civilized measurement system. ;) Brrr! Niek wasted little time getting a fire going, which I nearly put out again when I threw a log on that was a little big. (But it’s roaring again, and we’re staying pretty close to it!) We’ve continued with some sickness here in our midst – Max and I had been holding out, but he succumbed last night (though insisted on going to school today). Niek is sicker than he was and could probably do with a day in bed. Rowen and Nick seem to take one step forward and one step sideways in their recoveries. And Arden is home again today due to not being able to sleep well through the night, but judging by this face, he’s just about ready to go back to school.


My mom has also been ill. The nursing home called to say they were taking her to hospital for breathing trouble, so I’ll be driving down tomorrow to visit her. I’ll combine the trip with a friend who needs a ride to the Big City, so at least I won’t have to make the trip alone (which can be such a bummer). My dad meanwhile had an operation on his shoulder, which I’m glad to say seems to be healing well. Sending good-health vibes to everyone out there!

I’ve done a bit of reading – and for anyone who enjoys YA fiction, I can heartily recommend Wildwood. I’d recommend it just for the amazing illustrations, but the story is fabulous, too.


And there has been some baking. Most of which has been eaten. But here’s a chocolate-swirl bread I made for the kids, who have gently complained about the sameness of their bag lunches. ;) We were all quite excited to see that the chocolate actually swirled, LOL.


And there has been stitching, though at a less heady pace this week. I’ve been picking away at Hope by Chartmakers, and here’s my progress on that.

I guess that’s really the bulk of it. Not the most tremendously exciting week, but certainly a fun one. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with good friends and have nearly reached the end of our turkey leftovers (always a sad moment for me, as I love turkey). I hope all is well with you and yours, and I thank you for stopping by!


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16 responses to “staying warm

  • Cathy B

    I hope everyone starts feeling better soon! Hang in there…

  • Margaret

    Ugh, I hate it when everyone gets sick. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Love your Hope WIP!

  • Giovanna

    Nice stitching! I hope everyone gets better soon.

  • Catherine

    Ooohhh….that fire looks cozy! I do hope that everyone feels better soon. It’s no fun being sick! Best wishes to your mom as well.

  • Terry

    I was complaining about our 40 degree weather lol. Hope everyone is on the mend and that it gets out of your house before it makes the round a second time. (My kids will get it, share with me and then get it again or at least that how it always seems lol)

    I’ve used almost all of the leftover turkey as well. I think I have enough for me and Logan to enjoy one more lunch and that’s it. :)

  • Annie

    So early for real winter (at least around here… Maine is a different story I guess). Got nippy here, but not like your weather. And now all the winter sickness sets in… yuk! Hope you manage to hold out.. the Mommy always has to take care of everyone even when she gets sick. And through it all, you still manage to do some stitching… amazing!

    Hope you all start feeling better and sending special thoughts for your Mom.

  • ap

    Wildwood and the sequel Under Wildwood are both available at the Porter Memorial Library! (or they will be as soon as I check them in :)
    Love your blog!

  • anneke

    brrrr how cold! we’re heading at zero degrees at night this week… that’s cold enough… hope your family gets well soon and hope your mother recovers soon too…

  • Mary

    Glad that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope everyone will soon be on the mend. Have a safe drive to see your Mom. And, stay warm!! I like cool weather, but not ready for temps that low :)

  • ruthsplace

    I can’t imagine that level of cold! Right now I’m in shorts, t-shirt and have bare feet :)

    Sending lots of healing thoughts your way.

  • Siobhan

    I’ve been wondering about that book–I’m glad to hear it’s good. I want it just for the illustrations! Lovely stitching. I hope you’re all feeling better soon!

  • Mary Ann

    I hope all of you are feeling better, and nice stitching progress!

  • Karoline

    Hope everyone is starting to feel better

    Congratulations on your recent finishes, they’re lovely

  • Rachel

    Lovely stitching, and thanks for the book recommendation–I’ll be adding it to my list!:)

    Hope the little ones recover soon!

  • Carol

    I’m sorry to hear about the wave of illness that has hit your house, Barbara–that is one thing I DON’T miss about having young children–the germs!! Sure hope they feel better soon–good thoughts coming your way for your parents, as well. So hard to watch them age, isn’t it?

    That looks like a great book–I love the fact that it’s illustrated!! Will definitely check it out…

    Enjoy this crazy-busy month leading up to Christmas!!

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