stitch, stitch, stitch

It’s been a productive week for stitching. So productive that I’m actually wondering if it’s been two weeks since my last post … let me check. Wow, it really has only been one week. :)

First up, I got busy on my Sinterklaas surprise gift, which is intended for a member of our family (remember, these are supposed to be anonymously given so I can’t give too much information!) who has, shall we say, a little difficulty managing time. I thought, “What better for that problem than your own time machine?” Viola, a Tardis! I bought the pattern here, but do note that I made some changes to the original.


After that, I hurried back to Wash Day, the last pattern published by Kathy of Carriage House Designs. I finished it today, and found it interesting that I was working on this pattern when she made her welcome announcement that she’s returning to designing. Hooray! I used the DMC conversion and stitched this on a low-count mystery linen because I needed a result that was large enough to make into a bag and that would be washable should the need for a trip through the laundry occur.


I’ve been stitching such a lot that I didn’t feel too awfully guilty when I snapped up some of the kits that Becky was recently parting with, and picked up a few odds and ends from ebay around the same time. ;) Sorry for the dismal quality of the photo – all the patterns are in plastic and I didn’t want to fool around with taking them out and putting the back.


When not working or stitching, I’ve been admiring the animals’ ability to really get into what winter is all about: All day napping. Here in the kitchen, it’s toasty warm thanks to the wood stove (you risk frostbite in the rest of the house), and these guys really know how to wallow in their comfort.



And now I’ll have to dash off. My computer has become the family computer, and Nicky has a report due on Monday … which means he gets my laptop and I don’t. Oh well, more time for stitching, right? ;)

Take care, and thanks for visiting!!

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17 responses to “stitch, stitch, stitch

  • Margaret

    Well you’ve been doing lovely stitching too! I love that Tardis one — so cute! And Wash Day is wonderful! Nice new stash too! Love the pics of the animals keeping warm by the wood stove. They know where to be for sure!

  • anneke

    I bet there are moments you want to switch places with your pets…
    Isn’t it odd to be busy with sinterklaas when the world around you is all Christmas? lovd the stitching!

  • Amy Varnell-Miller


    I looked on the Etsy shop link that you gave but cannot find the same pattern that you stitched. My thirteen year old son is a HUGE Doctor Who fan and I would love to stitch the Tardis for him for Christmas. Would you consider doing a trade or allowing me to borrow the pattern. Thank you so much for your consideration.

    Amy Varnell-Miller

  • Valerie

    Great finishes Barbara! Can’t wait to see Wash Day transformed into a bag!

  • Patti

    Great pictures & wonderful stitching. Glad to see I’m not the only one with a houseful of 4-legged fur babies. I also have 2 dogs & 3 cats. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  • Glenna

    Looking at the pictures of the dogs made me sleepy–I wanted to curl up with them. Love the washday colors, and your new charts!

  • Giovanna

    Great stitching! And well done on catching all those wonderful kits.

  • Annie

    Beautiful stitching. Those will make great gifts. And lucky you to score those gorgeous kits/charts.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  • Siobhan

    Wonderful stitching! Lucky recipients, too! :) Nice new stash haul, as well!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  • Ranae

    Fantastic stitching
    I was excited to hear Kathy is back to designing

  • kajsa

    Pretty stitching! All your pets are so cute (and comfy too it seems like).

  • Sharon Green Long

    Love the stitching Barbara! Especially the Sinterklaas gift. You are always so creative with your Christmas stitching! The pets are adorable-how I would love to lay around like that some days! ;-)

  • ruthsplace

    Lovely stitching. The tardis is awesome!

  • Jennifer

    Awww, look at those sweet kitties all together. The doggies, so cute as well, always seem to befriend eachother more easily then cats do. Your stitching is wonderful! I need to hunker-down this long weekend and get some stuff done.

  • Carol

    Good for you for spoiling yourself with all those great charts from Becky, Barbara–you deserve it!! So glad you’ve been finding time to stitch more–Wash Day is adorable as are the very relaxed pets. Your home looks so warm and cozy :)

    Wishing you all a very special Thanksgiving!!

  • Lelia

    I enjoy your posts and photos every time I visit. Happy Thanksgiving ; )

  • Heidi

    Hi there! So glad to hear that you know how to spend a great Black Friday! Can you believe my mother ran out to a store? We were talking on Skype and she left then came back….I know what Santa got me for Christmas. A Nook Simple Touch and he shops at Target when they are dirt cheap…only $49…lol.

    I love the tardis and love that you are still celebrating Sint! It is a fun time of year here. We are celebrating by eating all the goodies of this time of year. :-)

    Good to hear that you still have the stitching virus even with your busy life. How could you not stitch when those three adorable kitties are there to keep you company??? Humm….I really do have to get something I started for you done and sent on its way…..

    Hugs from Holland ~

    P.S. – We really did forget to follow you to Maine didn’t we??? I would love the cold and snow. Lots of reasons to make more afghans, quilts, scarves and cowls. :-)

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