chicks, goslings, bunnies … and snow!

The Easter bunny paid us a visit – though the bunny’s “elf” must plan her time better next year to avoid midnight sewing sessions! ;) I made the little Birds of a Feather projects into different bags, pouches and sacks to hold the Easter Bunny’s bounty. More embellishments may be added in the future – I was waaaay to tired last night to fiddle around with trims, etc.

Easter 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2012

We managed to complete our egg hunt before the snow (!) got serious.

Easter 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2012

With our farming interest, of course Easter is full of baby animals. This year we’re happy to introduce our first gosling, a Pilgrim goose girl, that the kids have named Peppers.


Her Runner duck roommates, both Fawn drakes, are called Olives and Pickles. ;)



We’ve had 5 new Barred Hollands hatch to accompany the Black Javas and older Barred Hollands that hatched about a week earlier.

chilly chicks

Walter continues to grow, albeit rather slowly as he’ll only drink milk … lazy little bugger. ;)

Walter and Arden

And just so you don’t think I was goofing about the Easter snow, here’s the view out my kitchen window:

A couple of technical issues:

The weird photos are due to the demise of Picnik – I’m trying to adjust to the unsatisfactory Flikr replacement of Picnik with Aviary. :( Please, Picnik, come back … I miss you!!! Edited to add: Thank you, Terra!! I think PicMonkey is just the thing! :)

It’s come to my attention that people w/o a WordPress account haven’t been able to comment on my blog. I’d noticed a decline in comments and had assumed I’d become boring, but Carol pointed this out to me. I’ve gone through all my settings and there is nothing that should block non-WP users … I’m curious if anyone else has had this problem. If you have, or if you know of a solution, would you let me know?

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29 responses to “chicks, goslings, bunnies … and snow!

  • Bobbi

    Cute egg hunt and animal pix. It has been an unusual winter/spring, hasn’t it? Have a fun day.

    Happy Easter.

  • Pat

    What a wonderful idea with the stitching. As for being a late stitcher, its not like you are sitting around eating bonbons all day. We’re supposed to get snow tomorrow – made it to Easter without snow on the flowers.

    Happy Easter

  • Charlene♥SC

    I don’t have WP and it appears I can leave a comment. What a joyful Easter at your place! Enjoy seeing the children with their eggs (do you have peacocks with all those colors?) and pet ‘veggies’. LoL How darling is that wee one feeding Walter, is it? his bottle? And SNOW! Glorious… Happy Easter!

  • Patricia Lessell

    Love the stitching and bags – they are all gorgeous. Hate the thought you are still getting snow – didn’t anybody tell the weatherman up in Maine that it is April??? You look like you are all having a terrific time up there despite the weather. Happy Easter.
    Patti xxx

  • Margaret

    Oh my gosh, I love the bags you made out of your BOAF pieces! So wonderful! Fun to see the kids in their Easter egg hunt too. That pic of Max really shows how much Arden is starting to resemble Max! Love all the baby activity at your house too. And snow — boo!!! Hiss!!! Oh well. Mother Nature does what she wants. I haven’t had problems commenting on your blog — let’s see if this goes through. (I’m a non wp person.)

  • Judy L Hattey McClure

    Just testing …. to see if my comment will take. Loved the pictures Barbara … well, except for the snow. Yuk!! We’re well past that
    stage of weather, thank God!! Happy Easter!!!

  • Catherine

    Your bags are so cute!!
    Love seeing all the new critters ~ but the snow, well now, that’s another story!
    I don’t use WordPress, I just fill in my info in the sections under the reply box and have never had a problem.

  • Terri

    What wonderful BOAF bags (even without the trim)! The kids look like they had fun despite the cold temps and snow!

  • Myra

    Those bags are just fabulous! (as are all the pics of the kids and critters) It looks like a good time was had by all. Happy Easter!

  • terra

    Try picmonkey or Picmonkey is in its early stages but has several ex picnik developers working on it.

  • grandpa jim

    What a good looking group of Easter egg hunters! It is so neat that the Grand Ones are involved with the animals.

  • Jean B. in PA

    Hi Barbara, I enjoy your posts so much. You are never boring. I started visiting because of the stitching posts but I love your family, baking, and farm posts as well. I am a homeschool mom with grown kids, and no grandkids yet, so I have a little vicarious fun by visiting with you.

  • riona

    Love all the shots of your Easter doings.

  • rainss61

    Ive been away barbara so havent posted! But cant pull up the pics on this post- not that i want to see snow pics anymore!! But love pics of ur kiddos!! Think spring!!–rain

  • Krista

    Hi Barbara, what lovely Easter pics! Looks like a fun time had by all. All of your stitched bags look great. Love all the cute little chickies! BtW, I do not have a wordpress account, but I can post on your site just like always. I do have a google friend connect account, dont know if that means anything! I am still only a few months into the blogging world.

  • Melody

    Happy Easter to all of you! Cute Easter bags for the kids!!

  • Melissa

    I love how you finished those BOAF animals – so cute. As are the kids and all the baby animals! I liked that photo of the little duckling gazing up at one of the kids.

    I haven’t encountered any problems leaving comments on WP lately. I actually have more problems with Blogger.

  • Marsha

    Love the bags Barb. They are adorable, as are the human children and otherwise. I’ve always adored baby ducklings. Snow!?!

    Don’t have WP.

  • Anna

    Here’s a thing about New England I don’t miss: snow in April! No WP account. Am commenting.

  • Theresa

    Looks like the kids are having a wonderful Easter!!! Those bags are sooo cute!!!

    I do not have WP~

  • Daffycat

    Your little bags are wonderful! I really like that kind of finish.

    The kids look as though they had a lovely Easter!

  • anneke

    This would be me: stitching on time, but finishing on the deadline! But the easterbags are great! Your kids must have been excited.
    Snow on Easter that’s different. We has wonderful weather last year, but yesterday was cold, snuggling up inside with a blanket, I don’t mind.

    Love the little flock!

  • beritbunny

    Oh, wonderful! Especially Curious as a Cat! I still have my eye on that; maybe I should move it up in priority on my to-find list. As for the finishing, it looks great to me and sometimes simple is best, right?

  • Brigitte

    Oh Barbara, these little bags are so darling, what a neat idea to use those lovely designs to make bags for the Easter eggs.

  • Carol

    What a perfect Easter post, Barbara–live chick shots and all :) Your little bags are so sweet and fun. Glad you had a great day together in spite of the snow!

  • Glenna

    Oh, no! You should have named the pilgrim goose Priscilla Alden or something similarly Mayflowery! Of course, IMO, they all lived short, terrible lives. Guarantee they didn’t care that they were settling the country and were all “I prithee, good husband, to put some fricking plumbing in this dumpe.” And also “clam pie? What the?” Happy Easter (belated!) The snow! Nooooooooo! We’ve had to mow the lawn 3 times already.

  • Sharon Green Long

    Those Easter bags are adorable, my favorite would be the rabbit and the lizard. Very cool idea! Looks like a lovely Easter in spite of the snow. Your chicks are just increasing by leaps and bounds-I never knew there were so many different types!

  • Karoline

    Great finishes on the Easter bags & cute photos

  • Ranae

    I love how you finished the BoaF bags.
    Awesome photo’s as always
    I hope you didn’t get too much of the white stuff
    Take care!!!

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