don’t leave me!

I have been perfectly awful at posting! And not much better at stitching, to tell the truth. I’m working on a design by Papillion Creations for a breast cancer quilt square but what little I’ve done doesn’t merit a photo. :(

As usual, it’s been a barnyard around here, LOL. I actually took a book out to the barn on Saturday afternoon and read for an hour with all the assorted creatures crawling over me (and one tiny goat falling asleep in my lap!) and I think I’ll make a regular thing out of it. Very relaxing!! Today’s creature-cuteness is brought to you by the Fab Four. These adorable little chicks will grow up to look like Brownie, but they’ll be “blondes” instead of “brunettes”. Because I haven’t had great luck incorporating Polish Crested birds into my flock, I’m actually looking to sell these – to Rowen’s dismay.

golden polish 009

We’ve had a lot of rain – so much so, that I feel like I’m back in Holland at times. The scenery here is a bit better, IMHO. ;)

roquebliuffs (5)

Wishing you well, and I thank you for continuing to stop by and say hello despite my horribly irregular posting habits of late!

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24 responses to “don’t leave me!

  • staci

    Isn’t spring a busy time? Hopefully you’ll find more time for stitching and blogging when/if things settle down :)

  • Lynda Ruth

    Don’t worry I won’t leave you, I do love your animals and your stitching whenever you can. Take some pics of your goats, they sound adoriable. Relaxing in the barn is good for the soul, I’m country too. Bye for now :) Lynda

  • Margaret

    Cute chicks — I can see why Rowen is sad about selling them. We’ve had tons of rain too. Bleagh. Hope you find more time to relax and stuff!

  • patti

    Not a problem, it’s called ‘life.’ I love seeing your pictures and promise not to leave. I could picture you sitting among your creatures and having the little guy crawl up into your lap. You obviously convey security. :80)

  • Valerie

    Cute chicks! You sound very busy with the chicks and wrangling and chasing goats!

  • Ann

    We all have good intentions but life gets in the way – it’s a symptom of today. What lovely little babies – beautiful colour.

  • Hazel

    Oh oh those chicks are adorable! Shame they don’t stay that way. xx

  • Annie

    Those little chicks are the cutest! So funny with all that fluffiness on top!

    Rain, animals — Is an Ark in your future?

  • riona

    Your posts always make for good reading … irregular or not. Perhaps, the irregularity makes them even more precious. That which is rare is often valued quite highly.

  • Marsha

    I’m in the same boat. I need a shower right this minute but Buddy is asleep beside me on the couch and I hate to disturb him. It’s raining cats and dogs here again………. I’ve never seen so much rain. It is now getting depressing. Oh well, it sure is GREEN.

  • KarenV

    Awww! I love the chick front left, who is looking directly into the camera, so darn cute! Sitting and reading in the barn surrounded by livestock sounds like fun :)

  • Debbie

    Sitting and reading with a goat on your lap sounds idyllic and so relaxing! And those chicks are so sweet.

  • Melissa

    Oh those chicks are so cute, especially the one on the left just looking right at the camera! So funny.

    We’ve been having a very wet spring as well! Enjoy your animal farm!

  • Mylene

    Those chicks soooo cute!! You probably have more rain over there than here this year.

  • Katrina

    I am with Rowan, they are too cute, LOL!!!!

  • Nancy

    Those little chicks are SO cute, and I can see why Rowen wouldn’t want to get rid of them. Your scenic picture is just beautiful!

  • Myra

    I would never leave you and Chateau Chaos! LOL Oh my, those little chicks with their afro hair styles are just cute as can be. We are having lots of rain here too.

  • Judy

    Hi Barbara,

    Leave you?? Never!! I look forward to
    your blog updates and your Facebook
    comments with eager anticipation – even
    more so now then I ever did before!! Your
    move to Maine, your kids, your animals,
    your stitching, your baking and other
    assorted activities are an endless source
    of delight. Have you ever considered
    writing a book about it all??? Seriously.

    Those chicks with their afros of yellow
    fuzz and big, black eyes are a hoot!!
    Love the one in the back peering through
    the crowd directly at the camera like
    a character out of a Gary Larson (The Far
    Side) cartoon.

    Sitting out in the barn, reading a book
    with a tiny goat sleeping in your lap sounds
    like one of those “perfect” moments in life.
    So when are we going to see some pictures of
    the goats??? Oh, don’t mind me. You’ve got
    your hands full and I doubt that there are
    enough hours in the day for all that you do.

    Rain! Don’t even go there!! It’s been
    raining here for an eternity and it’s
    likely to continue until the weekend. DH
    is fretting and fussing because the grass
    is thick, lush and green and growing like
    a son-of-a-gun!! But it’s either raining
    or has just stopped raining (briefly) and
    so the grass is too sopping wet to mow.
    He’s going to have to invest in a scythe
    if this keeps up because the lawn mower is
    going to be useless.

    Best wishes to all the inhabitants of
    Chateau Chaos.


  • Patti

    I know about the rain-enough already right??? Those chicks are so cute and I can see why Rowan would be sad to see them go. But it’s not about the cuteness on a farm. Except for baby goats – you MUST share a photo!

  • Theresa

    Those are some coolest looking chicks I’ve ever seen!!!!!! Love them!!!!!

    Sounds like you had a great time in your barn!!! Nice and relaxing~~~~~

  • Terri (TerriBoog)

    Those are the cutest blondes, ever! I wish I could have some chickens.

    I’m sick of rainy, cool (often cold) weather, too.

  • beritbunny

    The Fab Four are adorable, but…I wanna see these tiny baby goats! :D

  • Giovanna

    Love the chick photo! I hope your weather improves.

  • Denise

    Must say I love these little guys ‘hair cuts’. Glad to hear you enjoyed your barnyard visit. Spring has me sidetracked too. And the rain — don’t even getme started on the rain!

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