thief! stop that clock!

Oh my heavens, where is the time going? How can I slow it down?? I hate it when time seems to speed out of control, but I suppose we did try to pack rather a lot into one little week: Max’s father was here from Holland, my aunt hosted a small family reunion, my Dad returned from Florida, and I had one full-day outing with the kids. In addition, we all worked on school projects, visited with family and friends, and had fun just hanging out. I’m delighted to say that I also finished the next two samplers for the Gift of Stitching series and have begun my Blackbird Designs exchange.

old railroad logo

The kids and I went to Ellsworth for the day yesterday. We started at Birdsacre, a volunteer-run bird sanctuary that I used to love going to as a child with my Aunt Cindy. It hasn’t changed a bit over the years! After visiting the birds, we enjoyed walking one of the shorter nature trails. Anyone (in this area) who’s looking for an affordable day out really shouldn’t overlook Birdsacre – the trails are free, although donations are appreciated. We’re all looking forward to going back again soon. Nicky even made a new friend who has promised to meet up with us  next time we go. ;)

Netta the Owl

hamming it up at Birdsacre

forsythia is in bloom

Nick makes a friend

flower girl

After all that walking, we were hungry so we went over to Pat’s Pizza – it’s not a fancy experience, but the food is fabulous and the service is so incredibly friendly. It’s quickly become a family favorite. And then we headed down into the old part Ellsworth, just walking around and having a great time following our curiosity. One of our stops was an antique mall – Rowen thought we stayed a little too long, but just check out the treasures I found for under $15! 

antique mall in Ellsworth

antique-ing finds

It was one of the most enjoyable days I’ve had with all four kids – no one fought or whined or complained of being bored – and as a result, we were out for the entire day, barely making it home for dinner. :)

I started my day off today with a companionable walk along the local trails. Rigby got to come along this time and he enjoyed it tremendously. Another thanks to Katherine for organizing these walks!

I hope your week was wonderful and that your weekend will be bring many smiles! Thank you for sharing some time with me here today.

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15 responses to “thief! stop that clock!

  • Margaret

    Looks like you had a great time in Ellsworth! I don’t think we ever spent tons of time there. Do you ever go to Bar Harbor or Acadia? I do love that area so!

  • Nancy

    What a beautiful owl! I was sitting on our back porch last night and heard owl. They make a fantastic sound! Rowen looks absolutely adorable with a dandelion behind her ear! Congratulations on your beautiful finds!

    I’ve had a great weekend so far. After a morning of fun yard sales and getting strawberries from the local produce market I’ll spend the afternoon stitching. Tomorrow is our 25th anniversary! We’re celebrating by going out for an all you can eat breakfast because that’s what we did the day we got married before going to the courthouse.

    Hope you enjoy yours!

  • Dianne

    Oh there you are missy! Sounds like a busy week of family and fun. Love the owl photo-he is definitely winking at you. The kiddo shots are sweet too-look how tall Max is next to his siblings!! Is he taller than you yet?
    Great frame-that’s what you found correct?

  • Annie

    What a great week. I love to hear when good things are happening. That outing at the bird sanctuary looks great, especially with all that beautiful forsythia in bloom!

  • Kathy A

    Sounds like a wonderful week. What fun to see all the children out laughing and enjoying nature.
    Now that was some find! What a wonderful old mirror.

  • Jennifer

    Love that owl! I really like to go to the out-of -way little spots that aren’t so touristy. We found a great little zoo in Florida, the Maitland Zoo and there is the Turtleback Zoo in NJ that I loved as a child. Free is always good too!!

  • mylene

    Sounds like busy but fun and eventful week!

  • Melissa

    Sometimes there is magic in the world isn’t there? A wonderful week, kids not fighting, fun was had by all and great finds under $15 – practically priceless! ;-)

  • Catherine

    Looks like so much fun!! We’re heading to Maine this summer and I can’t wait!

  • staci

    Oooh, I hear you about that thief~~if you ever find it, let me know ;)

    Looks like you’ve all been having a fabulous time!

  • Siobhan

    Sounds like a fun weekend! Great treasure finds. :)

  • Heidi

    Looks like you all had a great time! Great frame which looks like it needs a Halloween design in it. It looks like the shape of the old tombstones. Neat! And that spool…wish we could find them here!

    By the way, if you ever do find the answer as to how to slow down time, please share it with me?!?

    Hugs from Holland ~

  • leechbabe

    Yay for happy children and fun days out. Those happy smiles are making me smile back at them :)

  • fun & games with mother nature « mainely stitching

    […] we took a gamble and headed to Ellsworth today for our annual April visit to Birds’ Acre (see here for last year’s visit) and we got lucky. Although the temp didn’t pass the very low […]

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