how does that bunny do it?

We’ve had such a great Easter  – I’m just hoping that your day was as as sunny and happy as ours.

The day began around 7:30 when the Easter bunny hid some eggs out in the back yard (s/he did a good job finding a safe spot where the dogs haven’t visited. ;) ) but the egg hunt took place quite a bit later in the morning. First, of course, was the joy of the Easter basket. This year the Easter bunny made edible birds’  nests (filled with mini eggs) in addition to the fun yummies in the communal Easter basket. Max was a little concerned if these were truly edible, but a couple of tentative nibbles soon banished his doubts. The kids all had little gifts, some homemade and some not, as well as jelly beans and chocolate and Peeps.

easter morning treats collage

The sunglasses brought out the goofiness in everyone. :)

the future's so bright

Then we finally had the egg hunt. Max is a little too old to find this a challenge, and Arden is so young that we have to be sure to leave some in plain sight, and Nick and Rowen go at it like gladiators who’re battling to the death. There were some moments of high drama, but we all survived and Arden made up his own egg hunt afterward and enjoyed finding every single egg. ;)

egg hunt collage

After the egg hunt, it was too lovely to go back inside. Mom and Niek walked around while I watched Arden and Nick roll endlessly down the hill. It was a gorgeous day with temps up in the mid 70’s. If I hadn’t already put a chicken in the oven, I’d have skipped lunch completely and simply enjoyed the fine weather. As it was, however, I had to go tend the chicken and finish up the holiday dinner preparations.

rolling down the hill

No food pictures today – we ate it too fast! Roast chicken with roast baby potatoes, stuffing, asparagus, and beets with beet greens. Yummo.

After everything was cleaned up again (or what passes for clean here at Chateau Chaos), I packaged up my Arbor Day exchange so that can go out in tomorrow’s post. And now I’m off to watch a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. What an excellent Easter it’s been! :D

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17 responses to “how does that bunny do it?

  • Margaret

    Looks like you all had a fun Easter! I think my kids enjoyed hiding the eggs for others to find more than hunting themselves. lol! We would hide the eggs over and over, first the kids hiding them, then the grownups, etc. The kids were still doing it just last year!

    Enjoy the rest of your Easter!

  • Glenna

    Happy Easter! What pretty eggs, and the kids (and grannie) are a hoot in their Blues Brothers glasses.

  • Nancy

    It looks and sounds like you had the perfect Easter! We had a nice day too – a visit with little Gretchen in the morning, a yummy dinner in the afternoon, sunny and 85 degrees and visits with all three of our daughters.

    Is the Invasion of the Body Snatchers the one with Donald Sutherland? If so it’s one of my favorites!

  • Jennifer

    Love the sunglasses! Great weather here today too. Tough to get the cats to come inside at the end of the day.

  • Dianne

    Great storytelling in photo form! I so miss having little kids around. I have to share this though-a lady I went to h.s. with stated on Facebook that she hid eggs for her three kids (in their 20s!) and the eggs had money in them. LOL
    I like the nests you made. I wonder if toasted coconut would work too? My dinner was a lot of work for me as I’m getting over this bug, and things could have run smoother.

  • Marsha

    Love, love, love the blues brothers Easter celebration. What a hoot!

    My daughter made Easter dinner which was a nice treat for me and we enjoyed our Grandson’s antics. Weather has been awesome here too.

  • Gayle

    glad you all had fun! Love the picures! When I seen Rowen with that white finger puppet bunny…I started singing” little bunny fo foo”! hahahahaha!

  • Annie

    Looks like a great holiday with very cooperative weather. Love those pix of Arden rolling down the hill!

  • Vonna

    It was a glorious Easter! Your pictures attest to the fun you and yours had :)

  • Carol

    “Yumtiousness!” I love that word, Barbara!! It is a perfect description for your photos, too–so sweet. I miss those days with my boys…

  • Heidi

    What a fun day you all had! Love the shades and it looks like they were needed for sure. I did have a big smile though to read in a previous post (as I catch up with you!) that you did get some Dutch rain to remind you of all of us over here…lol. I have the book CofAJAA and now am hoping I will like it? But first, I am reading through the Jane Austen mysteries. Have you read them? They are just fun.

    Congratulations on that amazing sampler you have had published!!! It is fabulous. Too bad I am not a subscriber to TGOS. What a great one to stitch and you are amazing.

    Hope your mom is doing well? Tell her I said hello!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  • Tanya

    Oh how I love Easter – looks like you all had a blast too. Those shades are wicked cool and the egghunt looks like it was a success. Rolling down hills makes for a wonderful way to spend a day in my opinion. FUN!


  • Conny

    Happy Easter to you and your family, Barbara!
    Lovely pictures:)

  • grandpa jim

    What a wonderful fun day! Looks like the Grand Ones made the most of the weather.
    By the way, how did you ever find sun glasses in Maine? Love

  • doris

    I’m ashamed to say how long it’s been since I’ve visited over here! Your Easter looks and sounds practically perfect. Love the glasses.

    Seeing all of your incredible springy pictures of Maine make me long to be there. Only a few more months ’til summer vacation.

    Your published sampler is adorable, and I can’t wait to see more.

    For the life of me, I can’t imagine how you get so much done in a day.

  • Catherine

    Looks like a wonderful time!

  • Mylene

    Looks like a great deal of fun was had by all! Great pictures!

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