hard work requires sustenance

Knowing that our belongings were due to arrive from Holland today, I started our day off with a hearty breakfast of sourdough buckwheat pancakes. Anyone who wants to try working with starter but is scared off by the (seemingly incomprehensible) recipes for sourdough bread should treat themselves to these pancakes. It’s the second time I’ve whipped them up, and they’re incredibly easy to make but they taste like something you’d only find at a B&B that would break your budget. Arden says they’re child’s play. (Hey, those dishes in the background are clean!)

arden helps cook

Anyway, after getting the breakfast dishes cleared away (I do  miss a dishwasher!), Arden and I got busy looking for a sourdough rye recipe that we could handle. Easier said than done – rye is considered a difficult flour to work with, and the recipes were just incredibly fussy and called for all sorts of stuff that I couldn’t get or didn’t even understand. Until I found this one, that is! So where did we go to find a few odds & ends that we needed? Not to the local health food store, but to the hardware store on Main St. What a treasure-trove that place is! Our bread came out pretty good, if I do say so myself. Here are the first two loaves (baked on our new baking stone).

sourdough rye

Stitching has been slow going. I have been working on a design that’s a bit different for me, and want to stitch it up ASAP so I can see if my ‘experiements’ translate as desired into floss on linen. But I have to finish this buggery sweet butterfly first. And then do another Aida piece. Grr. Aida frays the floss – does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me doing something wrong? Anyway, the butterfly does look nice – just not my usual thing.

And stitching will be further slowed down by the aforementioned delivery of our belongings. Yikes! What a lot of boxes! I feel a little faint looking at it all, wondering where in heaven’s name I’m going to magic up the time necessary to put everything away, hang everything up, decorate, and in short make Chateau Chaos the welcoming hodgepodge that we all want it to be. Time to roll up those shirtsleeves, that’s for sure!

the moving van arrives

Anyway, if you don’t hear from me for a few days, look behind (or under!) a stack of boxes. ;)

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24 responses to “hard work requires sustenance

  • Marsha

    Wow, I don’t envy you all that unpacking but, it will be nice to see your things again. Especially stitching things. Yeah!

    That bread looks so yummy.

  • xangles

    Lots of work to do Barb! I’m sure Arden will be a much needed helping hand. Send me some of that yummy bread, will you. Don’t forget to find time to stitch ;-)

  • Erica

    Ugh! My back aches in sympathy with you!
    All those boxes!
    Remember, lift with the knees! Oooh! Poor girl!

  • Dianne

    Well aren’t most of those boxes Niek’s books? He will be putting those away, correct? ; )
    What is that like a pod storage thing? Very cool. I would need about 10 of them with over 26 yrs of collective stuff.
    Gorgeous bread! Aren’t you glad you have a little helper?

  • Coral

    Oh, dear. On one hand you want to run for the hills, and on the other hand you want your life to be back to ‘normal’.

    Good luck Barbara, I wish I could be there to help, no really!

  • riona

    Good luck on what is bound to be a very busy day … take some time in the midst of it to put up your feet and re-charge … I have heard power-naps are wonderful.

  • Siobhan

    Good luck with all that unpacking!! I remember when our 40 ft container rolled up outside our house here. I was thrilled to see our stuff until the driver mentioned we had ONE HOUR to get everything off of it. In Ireland. In the rain. Enjoy feathering your new nest!

  • Annie

    Hard work to come, but at least you have your ‘stuff’ and we all like to cling to our ‘stuff’.

    And even more yummies! You are becoming quite the foodie.

  • Margaret

    Good luck getting all your things unpacked! It must be exciting if also a lot of work! Arden looks like he’s a good helper!

  • Nicki

    Isn’t it great to get your stuff after so long! I think you’ve been waiting longer than we did for our stuff from NZ. Hope it was all OK and nothing was broken :)

  • Jennifer

    Ooh, I hope the movers don’t damage that beauitufl arbor on your walkway. The more I see of your house, the more I like it. So many interesting little nooks and crannies and the outside looks amazingly interesting. I bet you can’t wait for Spring. In re: to bread and baking, try the King Arthur Flour Company (website or catalog). They have some great stuff. Even a recipe for dog biscuits!

  • kajsa

    I get tired just looking at those boxes. I have unpacked after too many moves I guess.

    Your bread looks great! DH is experimenting with different rye breads too, it’s hard to find good recipes.

  • Patti

    So glad your stuff has arrived finally! And did you get your stone at the hardware store? Do tell….

  • Mary Eman

    The only thing I hated about all the moves we made (my husband was a career Army man)was the unpacking. You have my sympathies for the task ahead of you!

  • Catherine

    You are making me so hungry with all the bread and pancakes!!

    I don’t envy you having to unpack everything – but won’t it feel good to get all settled and see all your things!

  • Tanya

    Well, he’s the cutest chef ever … watch out Food Network! :)
    I need your sourdough for dinner tonight but alas, had to buy it! The recipe is garlic roasted chicken and then you put it on grilled sourdough at the end – sounds good – hope it is!

    I am going to bake bread tomorrow or this weekend – I found a honey ww to try. Wish me luck. :)

  • Annemarie

    Hope you don’t mind me bothering you with my ceaseless mental e-mailing, but I can’t help it.

    That sourdough bread looks soooooo yummy and that truck load of boxes looks soooooo scary. I do hope the kabouters will come to lend a hand while you’re all asleep!

  • Redwitch

    Good luck with the unpacking! Your baking looks fab, love the photos of Arden, I can see him being another Jamie Oliver in future :)

    As always, I wonder how you do it all!

  • dawn lamoureux-gooch

    Yum!! Loving the bread…let me know if you need to get rid of any starter..more than happy to help out..
    I love the Hardware Store too…much nicer atmosphere and smiling faces..and it’s always a good chuckle to wind Mike up now and then… :-)

  • Patti

    WOW what a neat way to get your stuff. You can (hopefully) take the things out one box at a time and not make a huge mess in the house! I don’t envy you the unpacking but one box at a time, with the gorgeous Arden’s help of course, is doable I think. Just don’t stress out over it.
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

  • Sara

    Hey, think of it as one BIG Christmas!

  • Joanne

    You must be so happy to have all of your belongings with you. It must be wonderful to have your family near by. LOL at Spins story.

  • michelle

    good luck on all that unpacking i am looking forward to the day i am finally able to get my stuff from home to here aswell :)

  • Jenna

    I’m so glad that everything made it in one piece! I hope you aren’t feeling too overwhelmed with the unpacking. *hug*

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