martha stewart and the pod people

I have a confession to make. When I purchased my Singer sewing machine in December, I received a coupon for a year’s free subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine. I received my first one yesterday … and I love it. I can’t believe it! Did the pod people get me and I didn’t notice? Well, it may be true because look what I did last night:


I made candy.

beach glass candy

Can you believe that? I sort of can’t. Actually the recipe was incredibly simple and the candy was just so pretty when I saw it here that I knew it was the perfect thing to try my new candy thermometer on. (I actually bought the thermometer so I could finally make a decent batch of fudge.)

So tell me, did the pod people get me? Actually, after glancing into the corners of my kitchen – which aren’t really corners any more because of the debris that’s built up in them – I guess I’m still the same ol’  Barbara. But maybe Martha will improve & enhance the original recipe and I’ll become the New & Improved Barbara. ;)

Now if I can stop being silly for a moment, I’ll tell you that I started on Arden’s new bed right after breakfast this morning and made pretty good progress. I got one end board (head or foot? I don’t know) completely done, one side board ocmpletely done, and the other side board very nearly done. Woohoo for me!

partially stripped bed

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15 responses to “martha stewart and the pod people

  • Margaret

    Oh wow! I’m totally impressed! You’ll be another Martha Stewart in no time — making candy, refinishing furniture, — pretty cool!

  • Dianne

    Can’t wait to see that project progress…

  • Catherine

    Ooohh! The candy looks really cool!

    The bed is looking great!

  • Marsha

    The pod people did not get you. I love Martha’s magazine. Just the pictures are worth the price of the magazine and I actually learn something from each one. You should see the pictures of her linens collection. WOW. Arden’s getting a big boy bed – ahhh.

  • Dianne

    Gorgeous candy-never saw that kind before.And you really don’t need a candy thermometer for fudge-just some condensed milk and chocolate. I think I have a good one I can share that takes 5 minutes. But if you want to go the old fashioned way I understand. ; )
    I love Martha Stewart’s magazine and have oodles of old ones I just can’t toss. They are like books.
    Great photos in the post before this one too.
    The bed is looking good! I use to refinish things all the time myself.
    I am a bit sick with a head cold and we are again expecting more snow-another Nor’easter. It’s crazy this year!

  • KarenV

    When you’ve finished the bed, there’s a half-finished bookcase over here you can come and do as well ;)

  • leechbabe

    Yay for progress.

    A little bit of Martha is okay, it is when she takes over that it becomes a problem.

  • Siobhan

    Wow!! You go girl! I wish the pod people would overtake me sometimes, instead of the sloth people. ;)

  • riona

    The bed will be lovely when complete. The candy looks too pretty to eat … but I have got to say I like the photo of it cooking even better.

  • Annie

    You won’t be able to call your place “Chateau Chaos” anymore if you keep Martha-izing the place!

  • baahurrahfarm

    :- Mikes mother buys me a subscription of Martha for the holidays every year..I think she is hopeful it will change me…but 3 years later I believe she realizes there is no hope..
    I received your plea for wool..when the “kids” are sheared I will clean and send over the belly wool which is perfect for crafts but not so good for spinning.

  • staci

    oooh! Thank you for the link to that candy recipe! I am definitely going to make it. I can see it now, packaged up in jars with pretty ribbon and antiqued tags as end-of-the-year gifts for the teachers!!!

  • Tanya

    I’ve always wanted to make candy but alas, no temp thingie like your new one. One of these days … that beach glass candy is awesome looking!


  • grandpa jim

    You certainly have your Mother’s energy. I need to take a nap after reading your blog…

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