escape! at least temporarily

No, Nic, I’m not actually escaping other tasks by doing this (horrible! time-consuming! life-stealing!) housework … the housework actually is the task, and I’m doing it (tho’ I’m kicking and screaming the whole way – tho’ that might change if I tried Marita’s suggested dress code of pearls & panties, LOL!). I will never be one of those women who could actually discuss the virtues of one type of cleanser over another, and feel fulfilled doing so. Alas. That said, living in a tidy house is rather enjoyable – I only wish someone else were keeping it tidy!

I did fight free of my chores for a few brief hours last night and this morning, pulling out my Noah’s Stocking for a quick bit of very overdue attention. Remember Annemarie’s guilt-free SAL? I think I might’ve taken the guilt-free bit a little too far, but I went from having only part of his name stitched to this, and I’m rather proud of my progress.


Noah's Stocking collage
(Between you & me, I think Noah’s seriously groovy. I’ve got something for tall blondes, and his beard just kills me!)

So who else is curious why I pulled Noah away from the dust bunnies instead of one of my other WIPs (or UFOs if we aren’t going to be gentle with labels)? Because I was kind of hoping that if I resurrected this particular SAL, I might be able to lure dear Annemarie out of her reclusion. She’s been so ill, Pelle’s been ill, and sh*t has been happening left, right, and center. But maybe if she ventured back out here into Cyberspace to play with us, we could make her forget her troubles – at least temporarily.

And for those of you looking for a bit of cleaning p*rn, here are my appliances. Just the outsides – I don’t want to make this anything but a G-rated blog by showing even more. LOL. Oh darn, look, someone already smudged my stove. Would you hand me that spray bottle and my rubber gloves, please?

clean house collage

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24 responses to “escape! at least temporarily

  • Annie

    That kitchen’s so bright, I need to wear shades!

    A hot Noah indeed!

  • Jennifer

    Stainless steel, yikes that is a pain to keep clean. You would think with a name like “stainless”…..well, you know. Rigby’s expression is priceless!

  • angela

    Those appliances are far too clean. You’ve done enough cleaning, I’d start the recoveryt program with a bit more stitching if I was you.

    Noah looks great.

  • CindyMae

    You are just so funny, I love ready your blog! The appliances look great! Love the Noah progress, he is a mighty handsome one!

  • Tanya

    Noah is AWESOME and those appliances are sparkly pretty!!!

  • Chiloe

    Are those pizza hut coupons on the side of your fridge?

    You chose silver appliances so they may need more shine than the white ones? I hate houseworks too but nobody do it for me if I don’t (Chuy is a great help though ;) )

    • Barbara

      Sharp eye, Chiloe! They’re actually Domino’s coupons. We never get take out pizza, but who can resist at least hanging on to the coupons ‘just in case’? LOL. And Niek chose the stainless steel appliances. I seriously dislike them!!

  • Nancy

    Noah is looking fantastic! UGH on the housework! I’ve been doing the same thing and also cleaning out cupboards and closets – throwing away and reorganizing. Thank goodness for stitching in the evenings!

  • Anna

    Love the colors in Noah! And your Rigby is a doll. Stella’s asked me to wash her collar, paint her nails, and may even consent to a bath.

  • Valerie

    Great progress on Noah! Wonderfully sparkly kitchen too! I feel for you on the housework…time passes by too fast to be spending it cleaning! :)

  • Patti

    I love it clean and tidy but … I am one of those women who can, and does, say what cleaning products I like the best. Sorry. My friend Janice said I have OCD but I did the quiz on Facebook and that says it isn’t sure – what a waste of time doing it, and no I don’t wash my hands all the time but I won’t use public toilets ever! Love Patti xxx

    • Barbara

      I wish I were more into housework, Patti. As does my MIL, LOL. Unfortunately, I seem to have missed out the day they were assigning household gifts – my OCD has to find out ways to express itself. LOL!!

  • Annemarie

    Oops… Have I been away that long? I’m not sure if your Noah will have me blogging in the near future, but I’m so happy you picked him up again. He looks beautiful. Yeah, I like him too. Just wait till you get to his coat, though. UGH.

    Oh, I feel your pain where the cleaning is concerned. Imagine being the daughter of an obsessive house cleaner… having Mama over for a visit is torture, because I know exactly what she sees. Just can’t be bothered to do anything about it. I have little enough stitching time as it is! Your kitchen appliances look very shiny indeed. Had to put on shades :)

    • Linen Stitcher

      Your Noah is looking fabulous!! In fact, that reminds me that I’m also overdue for an CHS Stocking SAL update. Must. Get. That. Posted. Soon!!

      House looks fabulous. Wish mine looked half that good, but I just can’t convince myself that it’s worth giving up stitching time for. LOL!

  • Mylene

    Good progress on Noah.
    Cleaning have to wait here as we are more out than in!

  • Margaret

    Oooooh, I love Noah! I want to stitch him up someday too — I agree about that beard. :D Your kitchen looks so shiny and clean! I wish I had steel front appliances. Ah well. Probably good that I don’t. I wouldn’t keep them so spotless. lol!

  • leechbabe

    Amazing cleaning progress. You are doing far better than I, even with my helpers.

    Love Noah, he looks really cool, like a person you’d like to spend some time with.

  • Judy

    Hi Barbara,

    Wow!! You really are superwoman, dashing
    from task to task, completing craft projects,
    tidying the house, amusing the kiddies,
    straightening up after Mother Nature,
    feeding the masses!!! I am in awe ….
    simply in awe!!

    Your Noah is looking mighty fine there. Love
    the bee. Your little Wicked fob is lovely too.
    You really are all about the details, aren’t
    you. The coffee staining turned out great and
    the lacy trim is just the right touch to finish
    this piece off. The Friendship pillow finish
    is neat, and is sure to charm and delight the
    lucky recipient that it is intended for. Love
    the colors you chose for the Peacock.

    I am thoroughly in love with Pointy Kitty.
    She’s absolutely adorable and beautifully
    crafted. How big is she?? It’s hard to tell
    from the picture. Your friend is very lucky
    to be the recipient of such generosity.

    Loved the pictures of Arden watching TV in
    various positions. So funny. The one of him
    perched on the arm of the couch is my fav.

    We’ve had several days of very humid weather,
    which is not my idea of nice Fall weather at
    all. But that seems to be over now and the
    temperature is dropping off. Cool and rainy
    for part of the weekend. Perfect stitching
    weather, don’t you think???


  • Julie

    Noah looks fantastic, Barbara! And I love your stove. I want one!

  • Melissa

    I’m glad you got in some groovy stitching there Barbara! It’s hard to leave appliance porn isn’t it? (That came out differently than I’d intended!)

    Say hi to the reclusive Annemarie for me!

  • Lillie

    Oh ! I loved your appliances!
    Noah is looking good

  • Conny

    Noah already looks great!

  • doris

    Noah looks wonderful! So do the appliances! Wish the house-cleaning elves would come over to clean my house.

  • lindy

    Love the Noah.

    I missed out on the cleaning gene as well. Being surrounded by 3 teenage sons and hubby probably doesn’t help either.

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