a break in the weather

Today’s posting title not only applies to our unpredictable (but mostly wet & wetter) weather, but also just implies a break in the routine. It’s Sunday, which is usually my ‘big’ stitching day of the week … looking back, I seem to finish most projects on a Sunday. I haven’t finished one today, but I have made decent progress on it, considering I just started yesterday. There are two pictures, one taken earlier today in natural lighting, and one taken just now under artificial lights. This is A Bushel & A Peck, by La-D-Da, and I’m making it as a wedding gift for my dear pal Terra. Terra is still one of my best friends, even if she did abandon me here in Holland to return to her native Canada. You’re forgiven Terra, but I do wish you’d come back for a visit! (All pictures are clickable.)

Another break occurred this evening when our Max finally came home! Max has been gone for a whopping 8 days and something like 12 hours, not that I’m really counting, for a summer holiday with his biological father and grandparents. He came home six inches taller and brown as a nut from many days wandering in the sun. (He was obviously nowhere near Gouda, which hasn’t seen enough sun to damage the delicate skin of the fairest albino.) Though Max had a wonderful time, and though I am very glad for him, I must admit to being very relieved to have all my little chicks back home in the nest. Ask me again, after several more days of rain and trying to entertain three drastically different, busy children …. He obligingly posed for a quick photo. Handsome, isn’t he? :)

Nicky and Rowen have gone out during almost every break in the rain. They’ve expanded their range of interests to include¬†toads. I feel so sorry for the toads, several of whom have not survived their attentions. Rowen has tried to set them up with toys in an old sandbox, but …. I tried to get a picture of them teaching a toad to swim today, but I was too distracted by the plight of the creature to get much of a decent shot. Toads, by the way, actually can swim. I didn’t know this … kids do have a lot to teach us. ;)

¬†I’m sure there must be loads of other fascinating stuff to share – heaven knows, the weekend certainly flew by – but at the moment I’m just in a contented Mommy Mode, so very glad to have all my wee beasties home again. I hope your weekend has brought you just as much happiness, if not more!

Oh, Rigby says hello, too!

PS: Su has sent me an absolutely adorable DT fob … I’ve already put the camera stuff away, so you’ll have to stay tuned for the next posting to see a picture. It’s gorgeous! Thank you so much, Su!!

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15 responses to “a break in the weather

  • Tracy Jenkins

    I know how you feel about your baby coming home after a trip. Same thing I experienced recently with my 15 yr. old “baby.”

  • Dianne

    The kids look so cute in these photos! Rowen reminds me of myself. Mom said I was always playing in the mud and enjoyed being outside. I still do!
    I wonder how Sean will change after 2-3 months on his own. That’s a bit scary to me.
    Terra’s gift is turning out lovely.
    Thanks for your comments about Veronica’s square, I really appreciate them. I just couldn’t believe it when I found a castle ruins to stitch.

  • Barbara J

    The piece is coming along fine, love the fabric. It’s been raining whole morning here and it can get rather chilly here right smack in the middle of the equator :)

  • KarenV

    We’ve finally had several sunny days in a row (I think this is day 3), which is amazing for this summer.

    Lovely photos – how nice that all 3 kids are home again!

  • littlecat

    He certainly is a handsome young man, you are right there.

    Great stitching!

  • Jamie

    Such a pretty piece and you are making great strides. The kids are so adorable. Glad the rain didn’t hold the kids back.

    Have a great week!!

  • Margaret

    Wonderful that Max is home again. He certainly is a handsome young man – all tanned and happy looking.
    The younger kids look so intent on their work and must be having a great time.
    Lovely stitching for Terra and such pretty fabric.
    Certainly hope the rain lets up now for the remainder of the school vacation. Whatever you do this week Barbara – Enjoy!!

  • Lelia

    Wonderful La-d-da project! Aren’t they fun to stitch?

    Your family pics are adorable. Beautiful children you have there Barbara : ) And sweet Rigby — what a photo.

    Enjoy the day – and breaks from the rain

  • Carol

    Welcome home Max!!! Your wedding sampler wip is so pretty!

  • Michelle

    Great start on Bushel and a Peck. I bought this chart a while ago to stitch for my dad, because he used to sing that song to me when I was little.

  • Terra

    Thanks for the nice comments, Barbara. :) We’re hoping to come and visit next summer… now that we have the travel bug again!!

  • lenalou

    Love what you are doing for your friend and what nice pictures of your 3 little ones. Nice for them to go away but MUCH nicer to get them back again :-))
    Enjoy your week!

  • lenalou

    P.S. I know only Max was away out of yours :)

  • Joanne

    LOL at your kids with toads, it is amazing what little people get up to.

  • Joanne

    LOL at your kids with toads, it is amazing what little people get up to. I am glad Max is now home with you.

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