that’s all folks!

Porky said it best, don’t you agree?

So, ‘what’s all?‘ you may be wondering. Stashing, that’s what. I’ve been waiting almost two months for this last order to arrive from SB&B and it’s finally here. I knew it would be my last splurge and it’s well worth it. :) I have promised my DH that I’ll stitch out of my stash for … well, a long time. And what would wrest such a promise from me? Well, it’s not 100% a done-deal, but by this time next week we will hopefully be the owners of a piece of land just outside of Machias, Maine. Hurray! And not just any piece, mind you, but one that’s steeped in historical lore and graced by Mother Nature’s beauty. I wish I had pictures to share of the actual location, but there are currently tenants on the property and I don’t want to invade their privacy. This is a long-term deal – we wouldn’t be able to move for YEARS yet to come, but I cannot begin to convey the song in my heart that comes of knowing I’ll once again have roots in my beloved Maine. Life is pretty funny – when I was 18 I couldn’t leave fast enough, and here I am almost 20 years later and can’t wait to be home again. The little jokes we play on ourselves.

The thrill of owning property aside, it is also somewhat of a relief to be ‘confined’ to stitching from my stash. I have so many gorgeous patterns and projects to delve into. I’ve felt so impatient to start so many of them, but then something else will catch my eye that I just have to have and my project pile grows … as does my frustration at not being able to stitch them all fast enough. Now I can just settle down into what I have and simply enjoy it. Sort of like middle-age, come to think of it. LOL.

I’ve been working on my mailart for the upcoming tutorial on Focus on Finishing in a couple of weeks and this is my progress to date. It’s stitched over one on a 28 count Silkweaver Solo linen. The design is from the April/May 2005 issue of De fil en aiguille, which I purchased from Violarium – talk about excellent customer service and fast shipping! I bought the magazine awhile ago to make something for Rowen. Which I will do – eventually!

On a less happy note, I did not pass my re-exam in Chinese health/religion theory. :( I just found out yesterday and I’m still trying to decide what to do. It’s a huge disappointment, and I’ve gone around feeling like my brains must’ve leaked out my ears at some point without my noticing. The department head is checking out my options for me and will get back to me this week.

And because I can’t close with glum news, here’s a picture of Rowen the Princess in her finery. Isn’t she something?!

(All pictures are clickable for a larger image.)

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30 responses to “that’s all folks!

  • Annemarie

    Hooray!!! Congatulations om purchasing that plot of land. Wowie! Now moving to Maine IS something to look forward to :o))
    Sorry to hear about you failing your exam. Bummer. But don’t worry, you’ll come up with a solution.
    Oh, and thanks a LOT for providing that link to a fast ONS. As if I needed another incentive to buy stash.

  • Helen

    Hi Barbara, So great to hear you are getting some land back in your beloved Maine, no wonder you are so delighted and I hope it all goes through smoothly for you :-)) What a shame about your exam, your brain will not have leaked out of your ears…lol…it is called having children and too many distractions and your mind being on many things at once!
    As for little Rowan what a pretty princess she looks and fully recovered from thos CP spots :-))
    Have a nice day

  • Tanya

    Congrads on the possible land deal! Cool ~ so perhaps you will be on my side of the waters soon! Your Rowan is cute as a button,as always. Sorry about the test :(

  • Cindy

    Congratulations on your land purchase! It is awesome to have someplace like that :)

    Sorry to hear about your exam.

  • Ash

    Sorry to hear about your exam. I am dreading my dutch exams. I also know how hard it is trying to fit in studying with family/work. Congratulations though on the land deal! It sounds awesome!

  • KarenV

    Congratulations on the potential Maine land purchase and move :) Good luck with the no-stash-buying thing too! Rowan looks so sweet – quite the princess there! Sorry about your exam – I hope you can sort something out with the department.

  • ruthsplace

    Sorry about your exam, it sounds like an intriguing subject. Congratulations on the land purchase, I know it must feel great to have roots in your homeland.

  • cathymk

    That’s a wonderful pile of stash Barbara. I hope you have that stashed up glow even though you have had bad news about the exam, if not – go and have a fondle, that’s an order!!
    It’s absolutely fabulous news that you are purchasing land back home in Maine, it’s a really positive step.

  • Barbara J

    Good news on the purchase of your ‘home land’ :)

    I’ve been on on the wagon since January. Gosh it’s tough. Wish you luck and hang in there. But I do buy fabrics/threads/needles and such. What am I going to stitch my stash with?? :)

    Sorry to hear about the exam though.

  • virginia

    Congrats on the land purchase! You and I must have shared the same brain at age 18 or maybe it is the shared geography (I live in New Brunswick), but I could not hightail it out fast enough either from my little podunk rural area that did not even have a proper name. Two years ago I bought 10 acres of land less than 5km from where I grew up. My mother still roars in laughter at the irony.

  • Wendy

    Oh, so exciting, purchasing property and getting back to your roots! I think the older we get, the more we feel that need to get back. And stitching from stash is always a good thought, but the temptations are so great. Princess Rowen looks gorgeous in her jewels.

  • Vonna

    Congratulations :) I’m sure you are thrilled with the decision to eventually come back home! Hurray for you and your family!!

    Your mailart is stupendous…it’s going to be CUTE!

    And you are right…Rowen IS something and she’s a cutie to boot! I just laugh hilariously when my Ellie “dresses” up…she recently got some metallic silver “high heeled” dress up shoes…they are about 5 sizes too big, but she puts them on along with her crown and goes tapping all over the house…giggling… too funny!!

  • beckysc

    Wonderful news, Barbara :)
    I love your start on the mailart.
    It’s going to be such a cutie :)
    What a sweet, sweet pic of your baby :) It brought a smile to my face today :)

  • Katrina

    Your princess is a beauty :-). Well I think owning a piece of property is a great reason to stitch from stash. Glad you got one last stash haul!

  • Isabelle

    That’s great news about Maine, Barbara!! Woohoo! :)
    I’m sorry you didn’t pass the exam… (((hugs)))

    Rowen is the cutest baby girl in all Holland! :D

  • Dianne

    Wow! So much news my head is spinning. I’m so happy to hear about the property in Maine. I guess you are going to either build there or take over a house? What a neat thing and most definitely something to look forward to. Some people can go home. ; )
    All I can say is, if you tried your best, then try, try again (I say that to Sean). Tests are a pain I think. Maybe you were tired from taking care of a sick child, who knows, right?
    I hear Niek about stash-I’m almost 10 yrs older than you and I better not buy anything else except fabrics (ha). I’m in the process of cleaning out-starting with my eBay load.

  • Dianne

    I still think Rowan is your mini me-I want to see you in the crown and earrings Lady Barbara!

  • Von

    Hearty congratulations on your land purchase! It is indeed funny how life takes us down the road then dumps us back where we started sometimes. :D I live not too far from my hometown (well 150 miles, but that’s not far in here in western US), in a town I was NOT fond of as a kid – now I love it!!

    Sorry to hear about the failed test. Give yourself a break – you have more than a full plate, your salad and bread plates are overflowing too. I’ll be interested in what ideas the dept. head has for you.

  • FaithAnnNB

    I’m behind in a few posts so I had to get caught up. I love Max’s birthday post…what adorable photos!!

    I hope that Nicky is recovering from the chicken pox, it’s too bad that they came during your get-away though! Other than that, it sounds like a lovely Easter and a very nice trip.

    Now, for the big news. CONGRATULATIONS!! That’s a pretty huge move… good luck with all the accompanying work that goes along with it! I hope it all goes smoothly. I’m sure you must be excited to be closer to your family again. Machias is a lovely town and it’s nice to be close to the coast. That will be worth stitching from your stash for a while for… plus you don’t want to increase what you’ll need to eventually move!

  • FaithAnnNB

    Ok, I came back to take another look at your mailart, it’s lovely!

    I also realized that you’re not moving immediately, so congratulations on the land purchase… that is still a HUGE deal and something to look forward to!

    I know what you mean to feel relieved about making the commitment to stitch from your stash. That’s the feeling that I have at the moment. No pressure to buy the latest new release, just keep plugging away with what I’ve got.

  • Margaret

    Congratulations on your wonderful news Barbara. Totally worth stitching from your wonderful stash for a looooooooong time.
    So sorry about your exam. Hope it all works out for you.
    Princess Rowen has stolen everyone’s heart.

  • Barb

    Congrats on getting the land in ME. Sorry about the exam, I’m sure something will work out for you. Love that picture of Rowen. What a little Princess!

  • Monique

    Oh boy, you picked a bad time to quit stashing… the online needlework show is next week! LOL However, that’s fantastic news about the land deal! Congratulations :)

  • Sharon

    What wonderful news about the land-congrats on that. Sorry to hear about the exam. It will work itself out I am sure. Rowen looks adorable!

  • Carol

    Oh my gosh! Your news is so exciting – I am going to get up now and do a dance! How cool would it be to have you just up in Machias some day???? Yay for you guys!! That is worth holding off on stash for a bit!

  • Mylene

    Congratulation on the land purchase, Barbara. I can understand your feeling about having a piece of land where you come from. Exactly my thoughts when i left home and work abroad but having a family of my own and been home every now then i was so happy when my parents given us a piece of land to build our own house if we want it.
    Sorry about the exam, i hope it will work out soon for you.
    Rowen is such cutie!!

  • susimac

    Oh Barbara thats wonderful news about your land purchase – how lovely for you all. Its so exciting. I’m sorry to hear about your exam results but hopefully something will work out for you.

  • L

    I look forward to your ‘finishing’ of mail art. I still have an envelope WIP someplace around here. I seem to have an accumulation of WIPs and zero finishes. Oh well, I continue to stitch and enjoy it.

    sorry to hear of your exam score. What a bummer. Maybe you just have too much going on?

  • Jenna

    Nice stash! Don’t worry about it being your last. There are enough stash fairies around to keep you busy for a long time. ;) I am so excited for you about the land. Please let us know as soon as the deal is closed. One step closer to coming home!

    Try not to stress about the exam. I’m sure that something positive will come of it. You have lots of supporters. :)

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